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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Acts 24 מעשי השליחים

מעשי השליחים

1.   What is “odd” about the high priest of Israel hiring an attorney to argue this entire case on the Sanhedrin’s behalf, and what is most significant about how this case is being handled by the Judean leaders?

2.   What does Jewish tradition say about “informers” and how does it apply to this case against Shaul?

3.   The proceeding now formally opens where Shaul stands accused in front of a Roman governor, Felix; explain the significance of the attorney’s  opening speech and why it was done in that manner?

4.   What is the official accusation/charge against Shaul?

5.   What is the meaning of the title: Natzratim; and how is the mention of it here in the Bible significant?

6.   What is the definition of the word “ringleader” here and why is this title significant?

7.   What was the “proof” that Tertullus now gives as evidence of the accusation against Shaul?

8.   Did Shaul have the opportunity to obtain his own legal counsel, and if so, why did he not have one?

9.   Why was it significant for Shaul to point out that he was only in Jerusalem for 12 days before this whole event went down?  How would this help his defense?


10.                  How does Shaul challenge the Prosecutor’s “proof” of the charges laid against him?

11.                  Rather than concerned about his own defense, what does Shaul seem to attempt to clear up in his refutation of the charges?

12.                  Shaul now adds to his refute, his motives for appearing in Jerusalem, what are they and how do they add to his defense?

13.                  How is the absence of the “Asian Jews” significant in the outcome of this case before Felix?


14.                  What was the reason for Felix to adjourn the hearing at this time?  Why could he not make a ruling at this time?

15.                  What were the conditions in which Shaul now had regular access to Felix and later his wife, how did this contribute towards Felix becoming afraid when the topics discussed became personal?


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Acts 23 מעשי השליחים

מעשי השליחים

Acts 23 

1.   Who was Ananias, and why did he order Shaul struck in the mouth?


2.    Why did Shaul object to the blow; and why did Shaul now apologize for his response and words to the Kohen Gadol?


3.   What were the main differences between the Pharisees and the Sadducees and how did Shaul exploit them to his own agenda and benefit?

4.   Now we learn of a new plot to murder Shaul, who formed the plot, how many were there, and what did they vow to do or not to do?

5.   Who now intercepts the plot, how is his identity significant; and what does he do to save Shaul?


6.   Why did the commander now make orders to move Shaul to Caesarea for Felix at “night”, with 200 soldiers?


7.   Why did the commander now write a letter to Felix and require his accusers to testify before Felix, and why did the commander not accompany Shaul himself?

8.   Why did the soldiers escorting Shaul stop at Adipatris? And what technical difficulty did Shaul’s native province of Cilicia pose to Felix and did he seem to want to try this case in the first place?