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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Acts 16 מעשי השליחים continued...


We did not finish the study last week on ch. 16, therefore we will continue with the following remaining questions below this week...

9. How was it possible that Lydia was able to provide hospitality to the Shaliachim, was this socially acceptable and what do we learn from the language of the text?

10. What is known about this girl who had a spirit of divination from the original language, and what do we know about the history of the area they are in that sheds more light and details on the events described in vs. 16-18?

11. What was the charge that the businessmen brought against Shaul and Silas, and was it legal?

12. According to Jewish custom, what liturgy could Shaul and Silas possibly have been chanting at the hour of their imprisonment; and what was it?

13. Why did the Jailer attempt suicide the moment he saw the prison doors opened?

14. What exactly did the jailer mean by asking “what must I do to be saved”?

15. How was it that Shaul and Silas could be released, how did this come about?

16. Why did Shaul refuse to go, and what does that have to do with him being a Jew?

17. Why were the police afraid and why did they apologize?

18. What is remarkable about vs. 40?

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