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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sefer Yechezekel ספר יחזקאל Book of Ezekiel Study Lesson 21 (ch. 40-41)

1. What is significant of the dates given in vs 1; explain them and put it into context on the “very day” that Ezekiel was given this vision; and what is the vision about/concerning?

2. Explain – what is a cubit, and how many cubits is the measuring rod in the “man’s hand”?

3. Explain the gate that faced east, what was unique about it and what was similar about it compared to the 2nd Temple in the past?

4. Explain the symbolic meaning of the Pillars, what do they have to do with terebinths and oak, and why?

5. What is problematic with the translation of vs. 15, and how is the gate size compared with the 2nd Temple previously?

6. What is the meaning of “shuttered windows” in the gate, in vs. 16, what were they used for and why is their description strange?

7. In vs. 19, we are told that the width of the outer courtyard to the exterior of the gate of the Inner was 100 cubits – how does this compare with the 2nd Temple previously?

8. Why are the porches “all around” and why do they face each other?

9. How many steps were there on each porch, 7 or 8?

10. Vs. 10 shows 8 steps on this stairway – what also does this have to do with the Psalms sung by the Levites?

11. What is significant about the placement of the North Gate chambers and the 8 tables?  What was this area used for, and why placed at this location?

12. What was the purpose of the chamber that faces towards the south, what was it used for, and how was it different than in the 2nd Temple?

13. What is the “inner room” for, what is it called by name, what happens there, and how did it differ from both Solomon’s Temple as well as the 2nd?

14. What are vs. 5-15 describing (what part of the Temple Mt); and what are the challenges with understanding this section of the chapter for us?

15. Explain the symbolism and meaning of the cheruvim and palm trees on the panels and where they are placed?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Ezekiel Video March 24 on Ch. 37-38

Students: my apologies, the video for March 17th failed.  FYI - we do plan to cover Ch. 38 again next class as you will see in this video, we did not get to it.  We are taking a 2 week break for the Passover Holiday.  Next class will be on: April 21st (tomorrow)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Sefer Yechezekel ספר יחזקאל Book of Ezekiel Study Lesson 20 (ch. 38-39)

1. Who again is Gog and Magog, Meshech and Tubal & when will the invasion happen; and how is this same invasion described in the New Covenant?

2. Who are the people gathered from the nations; and what is the evil plan – who devised it?

3. Where does Gog come from; and how will Adonai be sanctified through them?

4. Explain the declaration of Adonai-Elohim in vs. 1-5, what are the main points, who is the prince of Meshech; who is Gog, and from what land is it from, why is this significant?

5. What is significant about Fire and the mention of islands, what kind of judgement could this be?

6. Explain the prophecy of Israel’s retribution on Gog, how will they make fires for seven years; what could this prophecy be referring to; and how could weapons serve Israel, why would they need these fires?

7. What and where is the valley of Hamon-Gog (explain the meaning of the name), why does it take 7 months to bury the dead?

8. What is Hamonah and what is significant about this city?

9. Besides burial how else will the bodies of Gog be disposed of; and explain if there is any evidence that this prophecy could realistically be fulfilled in our modern day?

10. What is the real reason God plans to restore Israel back to their land and how does Israel’s restoration impact the world?  Give other Scripture references to back up your answer…