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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Sefer Yechezekel ספר יחזקאל Book of Ezekiel Study Lesson 14 (ch. 27-28)

1. Describe Tyre’s beauty, what is the symbolism of the description in the text, why did Adonai command Ezekiel to create this Lament for Tyre?

2. Who and what was Elishah?

3. Explain the description of Tyre’s navy, what was significant about it?

4. Explain the description of Tyre’s army, who were the nations that contributed to it’s “splendor”?

5. Who is Tarshish, what is significant about them; and describe Javan Tubal and Meshech, and what horrible crime are they guilty of committing along with Tyre?

6. What is the purpose of describing all the nations who were Tyre’s “customers”; why is this important and also what is important about the mentioning of the “ships of Tarshish” in vs. 25?

7. What happened to Tyre and how was this prophetic judgement fulfilled, and is this description accurate in what actually happened to Tyre?

8. What was the Prince of Tyre guilty of; and why does the text say he was wiser than Daniel, and that no secret was hidden from him; explain how this was true and how he came about this ‘wisdom’?

9. What happens to the Prince, and what was the primary reason for this demise?

10. Who really is the King/Prince of Tyre – what is his identity according to vs. 11-19?

11. Who or what is the briar pricking at the house of Israel; and who is Zidon?

12. What is the prophetic “silver lining” of the conclusion of ch. 28; and does this promise remain in effect today?

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