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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Romans 5 אגרת פולוס השליח אל-הרומיים

1. What is the direct result of “justification” before God? Explain…

2. Explain what Paul means by “this grace” what is he talking about?

3. How does Paul describe tribulations and how does his description agree with Rabbinic Jewish commentary?

4. How does Paul use the word “helpless” and how is this significant?

5. How was the Messiah’s death & resurrection “at the right time” as Paul says?  Explain…

6. Vs. 7-8 gives a description of a Suffering Messiah, where else in Scripture do we find this best described?

7. Paul now uses again another “Jewish” argument in logic, what is the argument and how does he use it in this chapter?

8. What are the implications given of Israel’s justification for the whole world, and what analogy between 2 individuals does Paul now use to make his point?

9. Why would the Torah be given, so that sin might increase, what does Paul mean by this?

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