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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Romans 8 אגרת פולוס השליח אל-הרומיים

1. What exactly does Paul mean by saying in vs. 1 that there is no “condemnation”?

2. What was impossible for the Torah, and how does this statement disagree with rabbinic theology?  give an example, and explain…

3. Why is it critical and required that God send His own Son in the “likeness of sinful flesh”? explain why it must be this way according to Paul…

4. What is required for those who want to fulfill the requirements of the Torah and overcome the flesh?

5. What is the “hostility” that Paul describes that is against God and His Spirit, how is it described?

6. How is the Ruach described as “dwelling” and how does this correlate with the Hebrew Scriptures?

7. How is Paul’s concept of “sons of God” a “Jewish Concept”? and, describe the difference between the Spirit of Slavery and the Spirit of Adoption, what is the key to understanding the difference?

8. How is apokaradokía (ἀποκαραδοκία)  similar to ta’arog (תַּעֲרֹ֥ג) and how are they related to what Paul is saying in vs. 19?  Give the infamous Tanakh reference from the Psalms.

9. Explain, what does Paul mean by “groaning”, both by Creation and us; what is this a reference to?

10. Explain how the Ruach helps us in our weakness?

11. What does Paul mean by “Predestined”? Who is Paul really talking about?  explain…

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