Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sefer Yechezekel ספר יחזקאל Book of Ezekiel Study Lesson 19 (ch. 37-38)

Ezekiel 37-38
Dry Bones Live

1. Why did Ezekiel not answer the question posed to him in vs. 3; and only respond the way he did; and is the description of the dry bones the same as what will happen in the Resurrection?  Give biblical evidence…

2. In vs. 4 Adonai says He’ll cause “ruach” to enter, but later in vs. 6 He says He’ll put “breath” into you; why the discrepancy in the TLV, why are both words used?  Define and explain the Hebrew definition of “Ruach” and give New Covenant examples of how this concept is also used…

3. What was the “noise” and the earthquake from in vs. 7; and where else in Scripture do we see this same type of natural phenomena when Adonai moved?

4. What are the 4 winds; and where else are they mentioned in the Scriptures?

5. Who exactly are the “dry bones” as described by Adonai to Ezekiel; and why do the dry bones respond with hopelessness?

6. Has this Resurrection already occurred? give Scriptures where resurrection of the dead has indeed happened already…

7. What is the criteria for being included in this Resurrection? (i.e. who are the ones He resurrects – how are they described?)

8. Explain the symbolic act that Ezekiel was now commanded to perform what does it mean and symbolize; and what does it have to do with the Messiah?

9. Who again is Gog and Magog, Meshech and Tubal & when will the invasion happen; and how is this same invasion described in the New Covenant?

10. Who are the people gathered from the nations; and what is the evil plan – who devised it?

11. Where does Gog come from; and how will Adonai be sanctified through them?

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